Drillpro 99Pcs M35 Cobalt Foret Set 1.5-10mm HSS-Co Jobber Length Twist Forets For Stainless Steel Wood Metal Drilling

Caractéristiques:1. Matériel de haute qualité : M35 cobalt. Added 5% cobalt to improve hardness and heat resistance. The Rockwell hardness is up to 67. It has a faster cutting speed and a longer service life, which is 12 times that of an average HSS bit.2. Accurate Card Position:Self-centering. The guiding separation point of the 135° rapid cutting is automatically centered and can be penetrated quickly under a small pressure. The straight shank can be firmly fixed and accurately centered, suitable for standard drill trays and conventional circular trays.3. Efficient and fast: High-efficiency drilling can be carried out without walking. Remove debris and particles faster and easier.4. Low cost: The lowest cost of drilling each hole. The solid cobalt steel drill bit can be reground.5. Split point: You can drill directly to the required size without pre-drilling6. Widely used: Suitable for drilling stainless steel, copper cast iron, galvanized pipe, iron, aluminum alloy and other non-heat-treated metals whose hardness is less than HRC38. Not suitable for hardened steel/high carbon steel. If it cannot penetrate, try to adjust the speed.Caractéristiques:Nom du produit99Pcs M35 Cobalt Twist Forets Set MarqueDrillproMatérielHSS-Co M35 CobaltTaille16 Pcs x 1.5 mm, 16 Pcs x 2 mm, 15 Pcs x 2.5mm, 10 Pcs x 3mm, 10 Pcs x 3.2mm, 8 Pcs x 3.5mm, 8 Pcs x 4mm, 3 Pcs x 4.5mm, 3 Pcs x 5mm2 Pcs x 5.5mm, 2 Pcs x 6mm, 2 Pcs x 6.5mm2 Pcs x 8mm, 2 Pcs x 10mmSystème de mesureMétriqueType de tigeStra

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